It's now a year since my ablation. I'm writing to thank you and say I've never felt better, able to walk a couple of miles, don't get at all breathless, plenty of energy - so thank you again for giving me my life back!

I have very much appreciated your taking the time to explain my condition and the treatment to me in such detail and also to answer any questions as they came up. Thanks to your support I felt confident about the level of care and treatment I was receiving before and during the procedure.
Thank you again for your kindness, treatment and support.

Since my procedure I have not had a single episode of AF. I’m sure you’re aware of the benefits of ablation but I can only say, from my perspective, what a huge difference the successful LACA has made to my quality of life.

We are delighted to be able to recommend Dr Ginks who has been truly exceptional in his treatment of our son, whose life has been transformed under his care.

I just wanted to record my thanks to you for taking an interest in my heart problem and thus saving my life. I have been so impressed by the efficiency of all concerned at the Cardiothoracic department and the care and kindness I have received has been outstanding. We hear so much about the NHS’s failings but in my experience the organization at Oxford has been superb and I have great pleasure in telling everyone about it!

The meetings with you gave me the fullest confidence that the objectives and right option had been weighed faithfully and it was needless for me to worry.

Was attentive and listened to me and was understanding of my symptoms, he explained the procedure a catheter ablation of the pulmonary veins using cryo ablation. The team he was leading in the catheter laboratory encouraged me and gave me confidence the procedure would be safe and that a good outcome was possible, he also warned me there was some risks which I understood. The outcome of the procedure has left me feeling a lot better although early days I feel confidant that the procedure has been successful. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Matthew Ginks and his team at the Oxford Heart Centre John Radcliffe Hospital.

I genuinely can't say enough about Dr. Ginks. Having been diagnosed with a genetic heart condition, I went through countless numbers of doctors, both public and private, across the UK, Ireland, and the US. But it wasn't until I came across Dr. Ginks that I had a true benchmark to measure every other doctor against. The level of service, care, and information I received was absolutely incomparable. If there was a doctor like Dr. Ginks out there for everyone, we would all feel much more comfortable with our outlook and the care that we, and our loved ones, are getting. He's an absolute credit to his profession.

His skill as a surgeon is genuinely inspiring.

Your skill and expertise has changed my life. Thank you is too small a thing to say but I will say it anyway. Thank You